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DuetWebControl v 1.08 mini review...

By SublimeLayers Tuesday, January 19, 2016
It's no secret that I love the dc42 branch of the RepRapFirmware to control my delta printers. On top of that great firmware is a very nice web control interface developed by chrishamm. The dc42 firmware installs with the DuetWebControl but you can also download and install the latest and greatest directly from GitHub. Earlier today, a gent on the google Delta robot 3D printers group asked for screenshots. I obliged and posted a set there but thought it might be useful to add them here too. So here they are basically in top-to-bottom order. The only major UI I didn't include is the g-code console page as it is very simple. This is for the 1.08 version that was posted a few days ago. It includes the ability to edit config.g and upload changes directly from the web interface - a real time saving feature. Other new features include:

  • French and Swedish translations
  • layer times
  • web cam integration
  • drag & drop on G-code and Macro file pages
  • ZIP file uploads
  • and a few bug fixes
Overall a really great release.

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