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Water cooled Diamond hot end idea

By SublimeLayers Friday, January 8, 2016
I just picked up a Diamond hot end that has three filaments in with one orifice. By design, it uses three E3D Online's heat breaks. This makes for a very large setup. I prefer water cooling and this also allows for a more compact setup. Here's the basic idea:

3mm ID tubes will run into the top of each jacket for the water. The jackets will be connected by short lengths of flexible plastic tube and an inlet and outlet will run from/to the water pump. Compare this with a stock setup with three E3D heat breaks. The black cylinders are the water cooled setup so it's easy to compare.

This will be quite a bit more compact and have the benefit of water cooling. I'll use the press-in Bowden fittings like E3D uses on their hotends. Since I only intend to print PLA and ABS with this hotend, I'll line the entire path with PTFE tubing down to the stainless steel heatbreak. This simplifies fabrication but also minimizes friction.

I'm thinking about mounting options for my Rostock Max or Kossel 250 now. I like the 3 post designs that some of the Rostock users have printer. I think I could do something similar that the heat jackets snap into.

1 comment to ''Water cooled Diamond hot end idea"

  1. Hi, the idea is very cool but in my opinion the watercooler is way too big. I think two very simple tubes will do the job because the thermal transition factor of water ist 25 times bigger than air and the capacty eaven more because water is liquid and air is a gas.
    Best regards Thorben