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New RRF, DWC and IAP, oh my!

By SublimeLayers Saturday, March 19, 2016
Much good news! Christian Hammacher has made a lot of changes to the firmware, Duet Web Control and his IAP to eliminate the web disconnect issues, improve reliability, etc. I've tested the new DWC and firmware and have not had a single disconnect in over 6 days on my two test machines! That's progress! The IAP is much more robust and reliable too.

You can get these latest releases from Christian's github
If you've been using the IAP to update firmware then you can do the complete update without USB, bossac or removing the CF card! Here's how, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

From Settings->General in DWC:
  1. upload the DWC zip file. Note, Mac OS X automatically unzips after downloading so you may have to recompress the root folder.
  2. upload the IAP
  3. upload RRF
There are a few feature differences between ch and dc42 firmwares (comparing the latest versions).
  • ch has G-code interleaving, which means you can run G-codes from any input source at the same time like PanelDue, Serial USB, code quay, file and macro. There is a G-codequeue that insures codes like M106 are executed in time. These features are useful for cooling bridges, etc.
  • the current ch has the most recent fixes for the disconnect issues that affected many users.
  • otherwise, the overall functionality is basically the same.
Note that the latest dc42 firmware also supports the IAP and DWC 1.11

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    1. Not sure what you mean? Can you add more detail please?

      In any event, Christian posted a "z" version yesterday to address some minor issues with showing updated print times, etc.