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Post 1: My new Core XY build

By SublimeLayers Monday, November 21, 2016
I've been working on a design and collecting parts for a new Core XY 3D printer. This one is BIG! My goal was to have a 300mm x 600mm build area plus a lot of Z too (540mm). I won't reveal why I need such a larger area but let me say "I have a plan"! Here's a rendering:

The folks over on the Google H-bot and CoreXY printers Group have been really helpful with feedback and design critique over the last 9 months or so. The main features of this build will be:
  • all aluminum (30x30) frame and corners - no printed structural parts
  • four 1210 ballscrews and nuts - one on each corner, these should be fast
  • .8° steppers on all axes
  • SG10 Speed Demon linear rails
  • Duet Wifi controller with dc42 (RepRapFirmware)
  • Initially an E3D V6 hot end but ultimately a quad hot end (4 in, 1 out) that I'm working on
  • BondTech QR extruder (s when I add the quad hot end)
  • MIC6 (or equivalent) bed with custom heater (likely 120VAC)
  • PEI print surface
I'll fill in more details as the build evolves. This won't be a speed build though, I have lots of other projects going on in parallel (plus life, work, etc).

More information on my posts in the Google group threads:!topic/h-bot-and-corexy-3d-printers/sVyTyfYoOwQ!topic/h-bot-and-corexy-3d-printers/SncQWymq0ac!topic/h-bot-and-corexy-3d-printers/u5kYZwlxk4E

This weekend I started cutting 30x30 to build the frame. Here's the cut list:
  • Long Horizontal Members: 4 @ 815mm
  • Short Horizontal Members: 4 @ 447mm
  • Vertical Members: 4 @ 835mm - keep these as long for as long as possible
I used my aluminum chop saw, careful measurement and gang cutting. I don't have a granite machinist's table large enough to do the assembly on but I do have granite counter tops that are pretty flat. I started by installing corner braces on the four vertical leg members.

Then I assembled the short horizontal members to these.

Here's the assembly. The ext step is to break out the precision machinist squares, meter stick, and other tools to square it up. Everything will be referenced off the top. I can square and level this on the granite countertop. Then I'm thinking about cutting a gauge stick to align the lower horizontal parts so they are all the same. This should ensure the top and lower members are parallel. I'll put adjustable rubber feet on the leg bottoms.

At this point I can measure and cut the Speed Demons I'm repurposing. I also need to order some additional rails so I'll do that this week. The screws, bearings and 32 tooth pulleys are all in house. I need to machine the bearing blocks for the screws, that's the next step after aligning the frame.

3 comments to ''Post 1: My new Core XY build"

  1. What happened with this build? Did you finish it? I really want to build a similar format machine, but it's the Z-axis that stops me. If you have problems there, it's all lost. Delta's are easy that way.

    1. Still working on it off and on. Almost have the completed. I'll do an update when it's moving.