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KISSlicer Tutorial: Getting Started with the Wizards

By SublimeLayers Friday, September 8, 2017
Here's a detailed tutorial on how to get started with KISSlicer 1.6 using the new profile Wizards to create a printer, material, style and support profile. I then slice one of my fly fishing reel parts and print it to show how good the Wizards really are!
Note, this will be the last public tutorial until I reach 50 supporters on my Patreon account ( I will be using the proceeds to upgrade my recording studio with a new camera, microphone and lighting so I can step up the production quality. So here's you chance to get some great tutorials before everyone else AND help me make even better content!

8 comments to ''KISSlicer Tutorial: Getting Started with the Wizards"

  1. Looks like this isn't public this time.

  2. This one is but it will be the last one until I reach 50 patrons. To view it go to the posts section of my Patreon site - link above - or my YouTube channel.

  3. Thanks Mike I didnt know I would have to access via the Patreon site.


  4. I really want to ramp up my production quality and develop great content. That takes money and a lot of time. This is an experiment in progress but I've been told for years that I should take donations to support my work, so now I am and I'm using the proceeds to purchase the cameras, microphones, lighting, software, etc to allow me to do that.

  5. seems the post is back to patreons only

  6. Sorry about that Mark, I'm not sure how/why that happened as I did not change it. I've reverted it back to public. Meanwhile, ALL my video content is public on YouTube and this tutorial video is hosted on YouTube at with no annoying advertising.

  7. Hi Michael

    I have to say that you almost convinced me to change my slicer. I have already read you on the SeemeCNC forum and I know you thought about Simplify3D, but for me it was difficult to get started with Kiss so I had the impression that the software was complicated to set. I still have a lot of questions and some problem with my print test, but already BIG THANKS YOU Michael for this tuto and I hope that you will have the opportunity to go through the different parameters.

  8. Thanks Romain, I am planning to go through everything in KISS. The list is up to 26 now and still growing. I've completed 5 and have 3 in the works.