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KISSlicer: 2 minutes and 45 seconds from launch to print for any new user

By SublimeLayers Tuesday, October 10, 2017
This post is meant to be informational and helpful to show you how simple it really is to configure KISSlicer 1.6 from scratch.

Printer Wizard - 12 parameters (plus a name for the profile)

  • Extruders is easy and you should know that.
  • Nozzle Diameter should be easy as printer and hot end makers tell you the nozzle size.
  • Firmware Type - two of the options name the printer type. If you don't have one of those two, then either 5D - Absolute E or 5D - Relative E will most likely work just fine with most open source firmware. I recommend choosing 5D - Relative E.
  • Bed Dimensions - really only help KISS make sure your model is printable on the bed. Even a rough measurement with a ruler will get you started. Printer makers will tell you this.
  • Do you have a delta printer? If so, check the Round and the Origin in the Center boxes.
  • Optional/Advanced Settings are, well, optional so leave them set to "0".

Net result: you should be able to complete this in 1 minute.

Material Wizard - 6 parameters (plus a name for the profile)

  • Material Family - select your type of filament material here.
  • Print Temperature will be set to a reasonable default, leave it alone if you are just starting out.
  • Bed Temperature is probably the most difficult setting of all of the wizards since it depends on what type of print surface you are using. Seek professional help here or one of the many forums.
  • In Extruder - if you are using the free version of KISSlicer this is easy as there is only one option, click it.
  • Filament Diameter is either 1.75mm or 2.85mm. Is your filament thin like spaghetti? Then enter 1.75mm. Otherwise enter 2.85mm.
  • Heated Chamber - you should know if you have a heated chamber or not. If you don't know, leave unchecked.

Net result: you should be able to complete this in 1 minute. If you don't know bed temperature either ask or leave it at the default value and test.

Style Wizard - 2 parameters (plus a name for the profile)

  • Print Type - pick Default - 20% to get started.
  • Nozzle Diameter - you already answered this in the Printer Wizard and that will be set in this Wizard if you set it there.

Net result: 15 seconds to complete.

Support Profile (optional if you don't use supports or you can add it later) - 6 parameters (plus a name for the profile)

That's 26 all together and most of them are no-brainers. Let's look at each in detail:

Completely optional but let's go for it...
  • Support Type - pick either No Support or Same Material as Object if you are just getting started.
  • Nozzle Diameter - has been answered twice already and that value will be preset here.
  • Skirt/Brim select None, Skirt or Brim. If you are just starting and don't know what these mean, select Skirt.
  • Use a Raft - leave unchecked if you are getting started.
  • Large Parts - leave unchecked if you are getting started.
  • Many Parts - leave unchecked if you are getting started.

Net result: 30 seconds to complete.

Overall time to configure 4 wizards and be ready to start your first print: 2 minutes 45 seconds. Don't believe me, watch my video Getting Started with the Wizards!

3 comments to ''KISSlicer: 2 minutes and 45 seconds from launch to print for any new user"

  1. I just practiced what I preach. I have a K250 delta printer I rebuilt and needed to recommission. So I timed myself on how long it took to complete all four Wizards and start a print. The time? Would you believe 45 seconds?

  2. Michael,
    I've just gone through your tutorials for KS1.6.2. I follow what you are saying, but those of us with CUBEX printers need much more to get started.
    you need to have these lines at the start of the prefix in the printer G-code section:
    ^Checksum: NO

    Also, the extruder hardware needs to have the gain for each extruder set to 0.022 or the head will try to extrude WAY too much filament and eventually give you a "Filament Flow Fail" error and abort the print.

    After having done all that, I still can't get a decent print for anything that has small features on it. The output of CubeitMod (required for CUBEX printers) states that M227 is turned off no matter what I do to tell it to de-string. When I try to select the preload tuning wizard, I get a popup that says that the printer is not configured for preload (not supported by BfB firmware), and NOTHING I do will get an adequate prime at the beginning of the print of a small feature. Thus the resulting print has a "swiss cheese" look to it, if it prints at all, and is so weak as to be unuseable. I have posted to the Kisslicer Talk bug page, but cannot get anyone to respond to me. At this point, I'm about ready to abandon KS (and my CUBEX) and start over with a different printer. Do you have any insights that might help me to get a decent print?

  3. Duane, I have never used a Cubex so I know nothing about what controller or firmware they use. I suspect it must be proprietary since you are having these issues. There are folks on the KISS forum with Cubex, search Cubex here: