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KISSlicer Tutorial Tuning Wizard Mini-series

By SublimeLayers Monday, October 9, 2017
I just posted the first episode in a new mini-series to show you how to use the new KISSlicer 1.6 Tuning Wizard to greatly improve your print quality.

Part 1 - Getting Started & Temperature Tuning
In this first episode I describe how the Tuning Wizard works and explain the preferred order (temperature, flow rate, PreloadVE, destring) for tuning. I then jump in and tune the filament's extrusion temperature.

UPDATE 10/10/2017: The STL model file and the temperature tuning Style are now available on the KISSlicer web site.

6 comments to ''KISSlicer Tutorial Tuning Wizard Mini-series "

  1. Hey Michael,

    I was just testing this out. I think the software/slicing side of things went well, but I have some concerns with my printed test model. Every time the code gets to the next temp increase, it pauses for so long the hot end oozes so much that it takes anywhere from 5-15mm along the path to prime the hot end again. Does this sound like normal behavior? This was my first ever print with KISS.

    1. No, that does not sound normal. What do you have set for the Min Layer[s] value on the Material tab?

    2. Ok, try inverting the temps to be hot at the bottom and have it cool as it goes up.

    3. For anyone reading thorough this, inverting the temps worked great.

    4. Inverting temps is the only way I could keep my hotend from pausing also. Maybe some PID tweaks for just this test might do the trick.
      I've really found these Kisslicer tutorials to be gold, and you've converted me completely. Is there any chance there will be more in this series? I am unsure how to interpret my preload wizard results...