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By SublimeLayers Sunday, October 22, 2017
Here is an updated list of all of my blog posts and YouTube videos related to slicing models for 3D printing.

Slicer Master Class Series

In this series, I present advanced slicing techniques and other special topics. These techniques are applicable to any slicer. My goal is to teach you how to approach slicing to get the best prints possible and to tackle difficult geometries.

3D Printer Tuning and Calibration

Many issues folks have with their printed parts are blamed on the slicer but are actually due to an improperly calibrated extruder. Unfortunately, slicers provide band-aids to adjust for extrusion issues that are greatly overused. These slicer features should only (if ever) be used for very minor adjustments and not to compensate for a poorly calibrated extruder.
My calibration technique uses a simple (and inexpensive) digital caliper and a 3D printed tool that I developed to simplify and improve the calibration process. The printable files are linked in the video's description. Here is the video: Extruder E-step Calibration

KISSlicer Getting Started Sequence

This series is to help users get started with KISSlicer 1.6. You should read/watch these in order to get the most out of them.
  1. Blog: KISSlicer: 2 minutes and 45 seconds from launch to print for any new user
  2. YouTube: KISSlicer Tutorial: Getting Started with the WIzards
  3. YouTube: KISSlicer Tutorial: All About Speeds
  4. YouTube: KISSlicer Tutorial: Getting Loopy - All About Perimeters and Loops
  5. YouTube: KISSlicer Tutorial: Settings, Profiles and Projects - Oh My!
  6. Blog post: KISSlicer 1.6: Fractional Loops - Lunacy or Brilliance?
  7. Blog & YouTube: KISSlicer 1.6: "My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy."
  8. Tuning Wizard Mini-series
    1. YouTube: Part 1 - Getting Started and Temperature Tuning
    2. YouTube: Extruder E-step Calibration
    3. YouTube: Part 2 - Flow Rate Tuning
    4. YouTube: Part 3 - Preload Tuning
    5. YouTube: Part 4 - Destring Tuning
    6. YouTube: Part 5 - Advanced Topic: <TUNINGVAL>
  9. Blog post: Musings on Blobbing and Stringing - Part 1
  10. Blog post: Musings on Blobbing and Stringing - Part 2

KISSlicer PRO or Advanced Techniques

These tutorials are advanced techniques specific to KISSlicer. Some may require a KISSlicer PRO license ($42 - crazy cheap huh?).

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