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Why I love KISSlicer: Reason #9

By SublimeLayers Saturday, October 28, 2017
I've been printing a lot of parts for two Railcore II Core XY printers a Supporter and I are building (more on that in future posts and videos!). There are 49 printed parts for each printer and I'm using the fantastic PETG CF Extreme filament for these. It's my go-to filament for structural parts that need rigidity. These Railcore parts must be sliced in different ways - different infills and densities, number of perimeters, and supports or lack thereof. Today I needed to reprint a bearing block that had a minor design change. I'd already generated g-code and printed 4 of the original design and worked out the best support settings for it. Of course, I forgot what those settings were! Never fear, KISSlicer's Load G-Code Settings feature saved the day.

Why I love KISSlicer: Reason #9

The Load Project/G-Code Settings  feature is #9 on my list of Why I love KISSlicer! To use it, go up to the Project menu and select Load Project/G-Code Settings. Now you can select a g-code file (click the Options button on OS X and choose the g-code filetype) and load its settings into KISS so you can re-use them! The settings loaded from the g-code have a double triangle prepended to their names as you can see in the screenshot above.

Once the original g-code settings were loaded, I clicked Slice, saved my new g-code file and I was off and printing in less than a minute. Reason #9 rocks!

Tip: once you've loaded g-code settings you can create a copy to save them to your standard settings.

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