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Why I love KISSlicer: Reason #7

By SublimeLayers Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Changing print speeds for perimeters, infill, and shells in other slicers drives me bonkers. For one thing, the current speed settings are not clearly visible, you have to dig into the slicer's configuration screens/panels to see what they are set to – usually 2 or 3 mouse clicks to get to them. To deal with this, I see a lot of people create a new setting for every speed they use and add the speed to the name of the setting, something like this:

50% straight infill - 50mm/s

This clutters up their slicer settings with lots entries – simply so they can see what their current print speeds are.

So that brings me to Why I love KISSlicer: Reason #7 – setting, changing and managing print speeds is really simple and intuitive. Consider:

Not only are the speeds clearly displayed on every settings panel (highlighted in the red box in the screen capture), KISS even shows the max flow rate – arguably a much more useful bit of information. When you want to tweak your print speeds – maybe to improve print quality a bit or simply speed things up to print a part quickly – simply slide the Speed Slider shown in the blue box. Of course, the speed and flow settings automatically update so you get immediate feedback.

Some users moving to KISS from other slicers get lost when it comes to setting speeds because they've been coerced into a particular way that slicer does it. So, to make that transition easier and to further describe the power of KISSlicer's speed management, I created this tutorial video: All About Speeds.

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