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First Print Contest for my Supporters!

By SublimeLayers Monday, December 4, 2017
I'm pleased to announce that I'll be holding a series of challenging print contests for my supporters conducted through my private Slack channel. Prints will be evaluated purely on technical attributes. I'm posting this here simply to let folks know that supporting my work has other advantages!

This first contest is a very challenging model from Ferherez's Random Octopus Generator. Specifically, oco6.stl. Here are some render photos:

And here is some info about the contest:

Da Contest

  1. Michael will evaluate all submitted entries and pick the finalist as per the criteria described in Da Evaluating below
  2. Winning entry will be mailed to Michael for inclusion in a blog post and/or YouTube video. Michael will pay shipping from any country.
  3. The winner will be deemed "SublimeCreator" and will win a roll of Fillamentum PLA - your choice of color and I'll have it shipped direct to you.
  4. All submissions must be made by midnight EST (GMT -05:00) on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  5. Winner will be announced on Friday, December 22, 2017

Da Rules

  1. print the _octo6.stl_ full scale - no resizing
  2. use any slicer of your choosing and any slicing tricks you want (variable/adaptive layer height, etc)
  3. use support or no support as you choose - but if you use support, properly post-process the part (I will be looking for un-removed support!)
  4. use an opaque filament - any type is fine as long as it is opaque
  5. submit a photo of the completed first layer (don't be shy, this WILL be challenging!) - try to get as much of the layer in the photo, this will be tricky but do your best
  6. take one or more photos of the top showing the areas in TopDetail.png
  7. take one or more photos of the bottom showing the areas in BottomDetail.png
  8. photos should be well lit and in focus
  9. all entries must include a description of the slicer used, primary slicing attributes, print speeds (all of them), filament used, and printer and extruder and hot end used
  10. ONLY FFF 3D printers
  11. Only cropping is allowed on photos - no editing!

Da Evaluating

The primary evaluation criteria are based on three categories with the following point values:
  1. first layer (30 pts)
    1. presence of gaps? minus (10 pts)
    2. even and correct layer height? (20 pts)
  2. top detail (60 pts)
    1. blobbing or stringing? (10 pts)
    2. crisp/well formed tenticle tips (circled in photo) (20 pts)
    3. evidence of support? (10 pts)
    4. good layer lines? (10 pts)
  3. clean octopus head top surface? (10 pts)
    1. bottom detail (10 pts)
    2. evidence of support? (10 pts)

I'm happy to evaluate your prints if you post a link to the required entry info or email it to me. However, the winning entry will come from one of my supporters - that's one of the perks!

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