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The E3D Tool Changer printer beta build

By SublimeLayers Monday, December 31, 2018

I have the good fortune to be one of the early betas (aka Guinea Pig) for E3D's amazing Tool Changer. At its heart, it is a CoreXY with an open front - which eliminates the one issue I have with Core XY format - you can't see it print clearly! This printer is not a "kit" in the sense that not all components are supplied. But the core (no pun intended) of the mechanical printer is included. The X-Y motion platform (Core XY) is fully assembled and ready to go as is the Z axis. The printer requires 7 stepper drivers so a Duet (Wifi or Ethernet) and a Duex2 or Duex5 board are required.

I was the second person to receive the overnight delivery from the UK (the first was in Europe). It came nicely packed in one large box. I got started putting it together immediately. The main printer frame went together in short order. The parts are beautifully machined and fit perfectly.

I chose to use four Bondtech BMG extruders (two normal, two mirrored are required) rather than the recommended E3D Titan. That's the only thing I deviated from the recommended build. What can I say. I love Bondtech extruders!

I didn't take a lot of photos of the build as E3D's site linked above has very clear and detailed photos of the printer. I wanted to get this beast built so I could calibrate and start exploring its capabilities.

In addition to the Tool Changer core, E3D will offer a wiring harness kit - which I highly recommend. Once installed it will look like this:
The "most challenging" part of the build was printing the required parts. I used SnoLab's Carbon Fiber PC+ as it is remarkably strong, high temperature resistant and looks fantastic. I did print a few parts in their Sublime Green PLA+. As I write this, I'm waiting for the last part to print that I overlooked. Of course it had to be literally the last step in the build - installing the IEC switch. I forgot to print the housing/bracket for it! It is 30 minutes from completion and then I'll be ready to commission the printer and get to work exploring its capabilities. Stay tuned!

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  1. Found this website because E3D posted a link on twitter. Thank you for documenting this! Looking forward to a follow-up post!