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Why I love KISSlicer: Reason #5

By Michael Hackney Friday, November 3, 2017
My reason #5 is a doozy! this one could actually be divided into four or more individual reasons – but I'll put them all together in reason #5 because I have a few others waiting in the wings!

So what is reason #5? Advanced string and blob mitigation features, that's what! All slicers have features specifically developed to help minimize or eliminate print artifacts like stringing and blobbing. KISSlicer takes these to a new level and even its normal g-code paths minimize the number of hops and other movements that cause problems. But on top of that, KISSlicer includes this set of arrows in your string and blob mitigation quiver:

  • Wipe
  • Destring (aka retract)
  • Minimum Jump and Trigger (for Wipe and Destring)
  • Z-lift
  • Loop Order
  • Join Loop with Seam Depth and Seam Gap configuration
  • Jitter and Angle
  • Corner seam placement
  • and yes, my favorite blob and string mitigation feature of them all – Preload
(I guess the list is a little longer than four!)

You can learn a lot more in my two-part series:


and more will be coming in future tutorials and posts!

4 comments to ''Why I love KISSlicer: Reason #5"

  1. I have been enjoying the KISSlicer features. Your tutorial have really drawn me in to using it as a slicer. One thing I have noticed is I have my Join-Loop set to seam and get a slight bump where the extruder crosses the path and go back to the inside (end of the path). Is there a way to mitigate this?

  2. Thanks Andy. Yes there is. That's what the Set Depth and Seam Gap are for. Did you watch my video on Getting Loopy? It shows how to use these to remove that lump.

    1. I did, but I may have missed that part. I will watch it again. Thanks!

    2. Sure thing! It takes a little experimenting but it is pretty straight forward.