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New FSR Plate mounting system

By Michael Hackney → Thursday, February 9, 2017

I've posted quite a bit about FSR probing along with my previous mounting system. I've been using FSRs for probing for coming up on 3 years.

2 Drawer Cabinet for SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V3

By Michael Hackney →
My friend Chris Androsoff came up with a great idea to replace a Rostock MAX V3 base panel with a drawer. I saw it when I visited him in Calgary a few weeks ago. I liked the idea but wanted a drawer to organize my nozzles and small tools so I revised it with two drawers as shown here. I've posted the STLs on my Thingiverse account.

Coming up Roses!

By Michael Hackney → Wednesday, February 8, 2017
I posted this Valentine's Box on thingiverse 3 years ago. A couple of weeks ago ProtoPasta announced a new limited edition Aromatic Rose HTPLA that I just had to have! There are only 36 spools of this stuff and it is made with real rose petals. It is really attractive too, kind of a soft rose/heather color. Here is the box in Aromatic Rose, how sweet it is!

This filament prints beautifully. I did have to raise the temperature up to 205°C from my standard 195°C for most PLAs.