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Tip: QuickPrint model

By SublimeLayers Thursday, April 12, 2018
Here's a simple model that prints quickly and can be used to check and calibrate a number for factors. 

QuickPrint test part - 20mm x 20mm x 5mm tall so it prints quickly to check:
  • X-Y scaling - particularly for delta printers to verify delta arm length
  • Z scaling - although only 5mm tall, you can use it for a quick Z calibration test
  • perimeter print quality - with two radiuses and two sharp corners you can check a variety of perimeter issues as well as print speed, acceleration and "jerk"
  • first layer quality - simply stop the print after the first layer is complete, cool and peal to measure first layer thickness. This measurement should equal your first layer height set in your slicer
  • top layer quality - slice with 3 top shell layers to check the quality of the printed part

Slicing recommendations: 
  • 2 perimeters
  • 2-3 shells top and bottom
  • 25% infill is good for a quick test print
Get it here: QuickPrint

See Musing: How to print accurate parts for more detail on printer calibration and printing accurate parts. Also, search on "calibration" for more related posts.

2 comments to ''Tip: QuickPrint model"

  1. I have a D300VS+, and printing this guy I'm .15mm to tall and I'm about .75mm too big in the x and y directions. Any thoughts? Rod length is correct, not over extruding.

  2. Matt, check this post out:

    start by correcting the X-Y scaling by adjusting the arm length as described. Then correct the Z scaling by adjusting the steps/mm as described. That's the way it's done. One of my D300s needs steps/mm set to 410 to get perfect part heights.