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Post 2: Improved Z Screw Bearing Blocks

By SublimeLayers Sunday, November 27, 2016
I had an idea to improve the bearing blocks so they also help stiffen the frame. I designed and 3D printed a test piece to verify the geometry. It came out great so I am machining these in 1/2" x 3" aluminum now. The left and right side are mirror images of each other.

The pocket is 7mm deep for the 12mm x 7mm bearing (8mm shaft). I also test fit the bearings on the machined ends - they were perfect. The machining is excellent. 

The ball nut will need to be flipped around and they shipped bearing retainers so this will be easy. The screws (4 of them) are Hiwin 1210s (10mm/rev) and here's the machining specs:

Once I get the mounts finished I'll assemble the Z stage and table framework and figure out how to drive the 4 ball screws from a single stepper motor.

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