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E3D Beta30 Tool Changer Update

By SublimeLayers Tuesday, January 22, 2019
I've been hard at work (well, it's mostly fun) commissioning the tool changer. Lots of new stuff to learn, lots of experimentation - just my sort of project.

It took a little while to learn how to properly calibrate the nozzle X, Y and Z offsets. I'll be posting a video and information on that later this week. But, now that I've printed my fair share of single layer tests and a few multi-tool tests, I'm ready for a more serious project - Lubie's Adalinda remixed for four colors. A spectacular print in one color, I can't wait to see it in four. The photo above shows the first 8 layers starting to take shape. I'm slowly refining KISSlicer to produce great results. It's a bit of a challenge with four 850mm long Bowdens to deal with though!

I've spent some time on the tool change and wipe macros to try to reduce overall tool change time and improve print quality (i.e. no blobs or strings). I still have more to do but so far things are looking good. I use a series of silicone pads to wipe on as I feel that gives me a good clean wipe - much like a squeegee. Here is a video showing some printing and then a tool change from start to finish.

2 comments to ''E3D Beta30 Tool Changer Update"

  1. That is so amazing!

    Do you remember me emailing you about a nozzle scrub area? Looks like you've built one into the printer!!!

    I really want to learn how to code a nozzle scrubber. Did your toolchanger come with it or did you make that yourself?

  2. Nice. I signed up myself. I've not had much experience importing can you share what ballpark shipping costs were?