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It's official, pathio slicer is in the wild!

By SublimeLayers Monday, February 18, 2019

E3D Online has gone public with their announcement of pathio today - their new slicer written from the ground up as the next generation slicer. I was an early alpha tester and consultant for the project and have watched it come to life - originally code named FishSlice. The pathio team is smart and they have approached pathio development holistically, including a dedicated (and talented) user interface designer as well as some smart engineers. The intent is to be community focused and engage active community members in ways no other slicer before has done. This is exciting news and well needed in the 3D printing world.

At this point, pathio is available to the public to download, try and get involved in its development. Today pathio is primarily a beta version but there are some rough edges, so make sure to read the release notes and participate in the new community at Also make sure to read the announcement post above as it really does a good job of describing what pathio is all about and the unique features it will be introducing. One thing I can say about pathio is that the top surfaces of printed parts are spectacular. I know my way around g-code and I can't tell what magic foo foo dust they've put in there but it works whatever it is.

I'll be blogging and YouTubing more over the coming weeks on how to set up pathio and get the most from it while avoiding some of the (temporary) hot spots. So jump in and give it a try and let the community know what you think.

Here are some photos of one of my parts on the platter and sliced.

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